RE in School


It was Class 3's turn to write prayers with Reverend Joyce for our church service in May. 

We celebrated Easter with a Collective Worship service in church, led by Reverend Joyce. Parents and the community were invited along and enjoyed joining in with hymns and prayers chosen and written by the children. We also celebrated our Stars of the Term, who were presented with a certificate by Reverend Joyce. 

Mr Kaye visited Denby to lead Collective Worship. As always, the children enjoyed his lively storytelling and hymns. Mr Kaye kindly presented our Ethos and Worship Committee with a Bible for the school. Thank you, Mr Kaye. 

Our Ethos and Worship Committee planned an Epiphany party for the school. They organised activities to reflect the ways in which Epiphany is celebrated around the world and we began and ended the day with Collective Worship. Our guest of honour was Reverend Joyce, who led us in prayer to finish the day. 

Everyone at Denby strives to show the values of Christianity through their actions and the decisions that they make. Here are some of the children, showing some of the ways that they do this each day. 

The Churches Together Posada visited Denby School. The Posada spent time in each class to allow the children to reflect on the long journey made by Mary and Joseph. The Posada then travelled around various locations around the Denby Dale area before returning to St John's Church for the Christmas Eve service. 

Class 1 performed their nativity play telling the story of the birth of Jesus. This year's play, 'The Sleepy Shepherd', told the story of a very tired shepherd who finds himself involved in a most exciting journey. The children enjoyed performing their play to families and friends. Well done, Class 1!

The whole school worked hard together to produce Christingles for our church service at the start of December. The teamwork and cooperation shown by all of the children was lovely to see. 


In December Class 2/3 were the star attraction at the community Christmas coffee morning held in our church of St John's. They performed a number of Christmas songs and carols whilst members of the community joined in with the service and enjoyed refreshments.


Children at Denby consistently demonstrate our Christian Values in their every day life. Children in Class 1 showed this following RE lessons about being a good helper. They shared the story of The Good Samaritan which some children then chose to act out. Following this, many of the children exhibited caring and helpful behaviour towards each other. 

We were visited by Hand to Mouth puppets. Children in each class spent the day working on a variety of activities. 

Class 1 produced a Noah's Ark display in our entrance. The children wrote prayers asking God to help them to look after animals like Noah did. 

Our school visited Hindu and Sikh Temples in Bradford.