Denby C.E. (V.A) First School

RE in School

At Denby First School, the teaching and learning of RE is woven and embedded through many aspects of our curriculum. Children take part in theme days organised by both staff and pupils, discreet RE teaching and much more. 


Scroll down to see photographs of our learning:

Interfaith Day 19.11.21

On Interfaith day, Class 3 looked at two religions and movements we hadn’t learnt about before: ‘Humanism’ and ‘Buddhism’.

In the morning, we joined in with the interfaith conference zoom video call. Lots of other schools joined in and we could ask questions to the two speakers who practised Buddhism and Humanism. We learnt lots of interesting facts from them and they chose two of our class’ questions to answer! After this, we thought about our own views on some important statements linked to these two ways of thinking. We worked in groups to finish sentences and shared our thoughts at the end. In the afternoon, we created a logo that represented Humanism and included some key values that were important to us too.

All in all, we really liked having the opportunity to learn something new and it gave us time to reflect on the beliefs of others.

Hand to Mouth visited our school. Here are some of the children engaged in their activities.

Children in Class 1 made and decorated crosses as part of their learning about the importance of Easter to Christians. Reuben explained "Christians think the cross is important because Jesus died on the cross. They can remember Jesus when they look at the cross."

Children in Class 3 created art work based around the Creation story.