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Class 3

We are Year 4 and 5 pupils.

 Our teacher is Miss Leijnse and we are helped by Miss Morley (ETA) and Mrs Wright (ETA).


Weekly Reminders

 PE: Monday and alternate Fridays

Swimming: Thursday

Spelling Test: Friday

Maths Skills: Friday

Library: Every 3rd Friday

(Library dates are shared via the half-termly Newsletter and the text messaging service)

Reading in Class 3 

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Remembrance Day

On Thursday 11th November, Year 5 went to the memorial garden at Birdsedge School and joined in with a remembrance service.

We all made a poppy cross and wrote a few lines to share with the other schools. It was a very special occasion and encouraged us to really think about the amazing sacrifices everyone in the war effort made for us. We also held a minutes silence at 11 o’clock to reflect on the past and think about everyone who has helped our country through tough times. It was definitely a moment to remember and we were very grateful for this special opportunity!

English Drama

In English, Class 3 are reading ‘Street Child’ by Berlie Doherty.

In the story, Jim, his mother and his sisters are forced out of their homes by the evil Stickman. Class 3 have shown that they are brilliant actors and performed a short section of the book. They immersed themselves into the book and its characters and really considered how they were feeling.

We really enjoyed watching each other’s performances but we did come across some very scary Stickmen!


This Autumn term, class 3 have been learning about electricity.

We’ve loved working on our own circuits and trying out different ways of creating a complete circuit. Making our bulbs light up for the first time was definitely a memorable moment!

History Day

On October 22nd, Historian John came into Class 3 and helped us learn more about the Victorian era.

We dressed up as Victorian school children and took part in lots of exciting activities throughout the day.

We wrote with a quill and fountain pen and used real ink from pots! It was definitely not as easy as it looked… John taught us what happened during the Crimean war and showed us what soldiers used to wear and carry with them on their travels. We looked at an incredibly wide range of artefacts and thought about what they could have been used for. Some of us got to hold or even wear some of John’s amazing artefacts! We were very surprised at how heavy some of them turned out to be!

All in all, class 3 had a fantastic day and enjoyed learning more about our topic.


On September 24th Class 2 and 3 received a very special visitor. We were the first children to watch the play ‘Inkonjane’ and meet Lisa Difford, the brilliant actress and director of the play.

We were amazed by the beautifully made props and the captivating music. We learnt more about the swallows’ journey from Africa to the UK and loved the interactive parts of the play where we could show off our best sound effects.

In the afternoon, we received the opportunity to join Lisa in a drama session where we could let our imagination and creativity run wild! All in all, it was definitely an experience we won’t soon forget!

Art Self Portrait

In Art, Class 3 created an abstract self-portrait. They showed two different sides to their faces, one realistic and one abstract. On the right hand side, the children included drawings of their interests and likes to make the art work personal to them. The bright colours really made their art work pop!

Penistone Show

During the first week of September, class 3 took part in the Penistone show and submitted their handwriting to the ‘Handicraft section’. We all worked very hard and showed off some beautiful cursive handwriting. Amazingly, two of our year 5s were chosen for first and second place. We were very proud and can’t wait to join in again next year.


Year 5 Bikeability

Year 5 have taken part in Bikeability training this term.

The training focused on developing their skills for safe and responsible cycling. They had to demonstrate various skills including signalling, communicating with drivers and riding safely on the road.

Healthy & Safe Week

Class 3 had a great time during healthy and safe week!

We had a go at different activities linked to growth mind-set, sports, e-safety and mindfulness; we even had a go at some Pilates!

We started the week by learning about four important athletes: Muhammad Ali, Billie Jean King, Tanni Grey Thompson and Pele. In groups, we worked on collecting information on each of the athletes and showed some terrific teamwork. We then created posters and put together a short presentation for our chosen athletes. We focused on the achievements but also the setbacks of each athlete, recognising the importance of an open mind-set!

At the end of the week, Class 3 took part in some mindfulness drawing. We listened to two different pieces of music and drew to each one; it was interesting to see the end-result and how different all our drawings were!

As part of Sports Day, we spent the afternoon taking part in different challenges and completed an egg and spoon and running race at the end. It was an incredibly hot day but luckily we got some ice lollies to cool us all down!

READ Summer Author Event

We were invited by Read Holmfirth to participate in a series of virtual author events over the Summer Term.

 We took part in a live event with Tim Tilley, author of Harklights. We listened to Tim read from the book and took part in an interactive session. After the live event we wrote a nature journal.

Class 3 children recreated Viking techniques by making their own clay mask portraits. Watch the slideshow of photographs below to see the excellent job the children did of using clay tools to add detail to their masks. 

Class 3 have been learning all about the properties of materials in their science lessons. Take a look at some of the exciting investigations that the children have carried out.