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Sports Premium Spending


At Denby we will receive approximately £8,000 in the financial year 2015/16.  

We are required to publish how this money has been used and its impact on PE, sports participation and attainment.

The table below shows how we are spending the money.




Range of after school and lunchtime clubs are now in place (Friday lunch/ Tuesday after school).

All children are now able to access an after school sports club that gives them the opportunity to try out a wider range of sports.

 Work is continuing on the vegetable boxes and surrounding area through the Gardening Club and wider curriculum.

Children have a greater understanding of food sources and healthy lifestyles.


Children are more actively involved with the growing of food


Staff continue to work alongside a specialist PE teacher to develop their delivery of PE lessons.

Good and Outstanding lessons are now planned for and delivered by all staff which is externally monitored

A sports coach is employed to deliver some PE within school.

 Children receive high quality PE lessons.

School is a member of the Pyramid Sports Partnership.

Children take part in a wide range of competitive sports with other schools.

Updated PE resources


Some money will be used to purchase quality PE equipment for our new playground.

Moving the playground to the back of the school.

This work has been undertaken through the summer months meaning that children now have a larger space to partake in sports throughout the year.

The school use a minibus consortium to transport children to and from events


All children are able to attend sporting events and we are able to attend a wider range of events.