Denby C.E. (V.A) First School

Class 2

We are Year 2 and 3 children.

Our class teachers are Mrs Ackroyd and Mrs Capner and we are helped by Mrs Mosley (Cover Supervisor), Mrs Paget and Mrs Wright (Mondays) 

Weekly Reminders

 Maths Homework and Test: Monday

PE: Monday and Thursday

Spelling Homework and Test: Friday

Library: Every 3rd Friday (the dates are shared via the half-termly Newsletter and the text messaging service)


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Class 2 had a fantastic time on their Eco walk this week accompanied by Countryside Officer, Dave Wilde. The children litter picked plastic rubbish, learnt about the river past and present in Upper Dearne Woods and even examined the creatures from a pond sample. A huge special thanks to Dave, Adam (Dave’s apprentice) and Robin and James from the Upper Dearne Woods Community group who shared their knowledge and expertise with us during our trip.

Cliffe House Woods

Class 2 visited Cliffe House Woods to support and enhance their science topic - living things and their habitats.

This was an opportunity to really look at biodiversity in our local environment. Dave Wilde, the Parish Council Countryside Officer joined us and helped children find minibeasts in different habitats such as over wildflower areas, in the woods and in the orchard. Children found a wide range of minibeasts when pond dipping too.

We were very lucky to have such lovely weather and had a super day.

Synagogue Trip

Class 2 visited The Jewish Synagogue in Sheffield to develop their knowledge and understanding about Judaism.

Rabbi Golomb showed the children around the synagogue and explained the significance of precious Jewish objects. The children learnt a lot about the Jewish faith and were able to ask Rabbi Golomb a range of thoughtful questions.

Thank you to Mrs Carmichael one of our Governors who accompanied Class 2 on their trip.

London Skyline Art

We experimented with our sketching and printing techniques before collaging our work into a London Skyline.  

First we looked at the work of Stephen Wiltshire and then using it as inspiration we tried continuous line drawings using items such as keys, toy cars and fruit to draw.  We then used famous London Landmarks for our continuous line drawings.                                                                                           

 We also looked at local artist Jo Blaker’s sketchbooks and tried one of her techniques for sketching so we could enjoy freely sketching.

Using our sketching skills we then tried different printing techniques, carbon copy printing, monoprinting (and its negative print) and tracing. We also tried frottage (rubbings) to find different textures.

Then we took all the work we had produced and independently collaged it into our own London skylines.

South Yorkshire Transport Museum

Class 2 had a lovely day on Wednesday 16th March visiting South Yorkshire Transport Museum in Rotherham.

We explored many old vehicles as part of our transport topic. There were lots of old vehicles that had been restored back to their full glory.  We got the chance to drive a milk float and a work bus, go upstairs on a double decker bus and listen to a 1980’s bicycle make lots of different noises.

At the museum we saw a real sedan chair and both a cart and coach that would have been pulled by a horse.  We could see why the railways changed the world.

Weston Park Museum

As part of our Ancient Egypt topic, Class 2 visited Weston Park Museum on Thursday 30th September.

We were met at the museum by Caroline, who took us to visit the Ancient Egyptian gallery where we then met Djedma'atiuesankh, a young Ancient Egyptian who had somehow ended up in Sheffield. We asked questions and used primary and secondary resources to find out more about her life. We also explored what her story might be beyond her life and how she came to be in a museum in Sheffield.  We even made a small artefact for Djedma'atiuesank.

In the afternoon we had great fun exploring all the museum had to offer. We would definitely recommend a family trip to the museum!

Healthy & Safe Week

We had a fantastic time in Class 2 learning about how to be healthy and keep safe during Healthy and Safe week. Here are just a few of the many activities that we took part in

  • Daily Yoga
  • Cricket
  • Rounders
  • Planning a personal workout
  • Road Safety
  • Internet Safety.

As you can see, we had lots of fun whilst learning some very important messages.

We also took part in sporting morning, we completed a carousel of activities and competed in some races. It was very hot and we thoroughly enjoyed our ice lollies afterwards!

David Hockney inspired Art work

Having been inspired by our trip to Denby Delf we discussed our opinions of Yorkshire born artist David Hockney’s landscape paintings. We created our own sketch books, practised different painting techniques and made our own landscape pictures. David Hockney had used iPad's to create landscapes too so we had a go at using digital media too. We quickly transferred our art skills on to the iPad's and were proud of the results.

Kirklees Cuckoo - Denby Delf

After taking part in Kirklees Cuckoo the children were so keen to see birds in our local area we wrote to Dave Wild the Countryside Officer persuading him to take us on a walk to Denby Delf. Dave wrote back letting us know he had been persuaded and would thoroughly like to.

On 23rd June Dave also brought with him guides, Geoff Lunn (Chair of Garganey Trust), Alan Coe (RSPB volunteer) and Phil Slater.  The children heard and spotted yellowhammer and watched and talked about the differences between swallows and swifts. They also studied the Garganey Trusts wildflower meadow, identified the plants and found the new planted wildflower verge in Upper Denby. They looked at kestrels in the kestrel / owl boxes using binoculars and spotted two baby kestrels and used butterfly nets to sweep for insects and identify them.

We used our trip to support our local area geography topic. We also went over stiles as some children did not know what they were.