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The Arts at Denby

Here at Denby we firmly believe that a curriculum rooted in the Arts has long-lasting impact upon the children in our care, inspiring a love of learning and discovery.
We celebrate the Arts in the lessons we teach, experiences we provide and the opportunities brought forward by the children's own interests.

Kirklees Cuckoo 

Class 2 have taken part in the Kirklees Cuckoo as part of the Nature 2020 project and Kirklees Biennale.  Our children are interested in nature and found out that yellowhammer birds live in our area and their numbers are in decline.  As part of our local area topic work, children were keen to support the project.  Children experimented with watercolours and brush techniques to produce a backwash and paint a yellowhammer. They  looked closely at the birds colours and used a splatter effect.

Our paintings will be in an exhibition at Maker World at Huddersfield Piazza between 22nd and 30th May if you would like to see them in situ.

The website with more information can be found at https://ourbiennale.org/event/kirklees-cuckoo-a-withnature2020-project/

Denby took part in Clayton West's Light Up the Woods festival. Each class made lanterns based around their topics. Lots of us attended the festival after dark and loved seeing our work lit up so beautifully! Tilly said "Our lantern really looks like a firework now it's dark because it's lighting up the sky!"