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Home Learning

Please see below for images and information about what we have been up to during the school closure. How lovely to see such enthusiastic, smiling faces. Keep up the positive attitudes and creativity everyone! Please send photos of home learning adventures to the office email address. 

We loved seeing the videos of this boat building challenge! Well done, you two! Super effort.

Children in Class 1 have been writing their own non-fiction books about animals. Take a look below and see if you can find out any new facts!

In Class 2, the children have been looking for signs of spring and practising their map drawing skills! The children have also been writing poems about their experiences of lockdown. They have completed some beautiful art work, too. 

This week, Class 3 have been very busy. See below for non-chronological reports about Denby School, historical timelines and very entertaining stories..! 

The boys and mum all recommend these activity books! It looks like there's lots of great stuff in there, boys. Well done! 

Class 3 children have been busy learning about limericks. See below for the children's dramatic readings of limericks they have particularly enjoyed and those they have written themselves! 

Thank you for your lovely photos you two! It looks like you've been so busy with many different activities. I am sure the new, furry addition to your family is keeping you on your toes. Super writing too and what a stylish haircut! 

Thank you for your super letter! Amazing handwriting and so colourful, too. We really liked that you have been spending so much time outside. Your patterns are brilliant. Well done! 

These natural collages and drawings are so effective. What a great way to get fresh air and learn at the same time! Keep up the fab work, boys! 

There is so much going on here! From dry stone walling to charity fundraising, it looks as if you've done it all! A big well done for the money you have raised for such a brilliant cause. We are really proud of you! 

This All About Me poster is so informative! It was interesting to learn more about you. It's great to know you'd like to be a vet one day. We think you would be brilliant - caring and kind - perfect characteristics for looking after people's precious pets! 

We loved the variety of activities in these photos. From outdoor fun, to some Holy Week art, to helping to look after the family pet. Well done boys, you certainly look like you're keeping mum very busy indeed! 

We thought all of these activities looked great fun! So much so, we wanted to have a go at the bug house making and egg box flowers ourselves! We are glad you enjoyed your birthday - you certainly looked to have some yummy treats to help you celebrate! 

Well done with all of your activities! We really liked your milk bottle owl- it looks very professional! Super work with your reading, too. Keep it up. 

A very informative book review of Boy Soup by Loris Lesynski. It looks a great read! 

Lots of lovely ideas here including a very thoughtful birthday card for Captain Tom! If you haven't heard about him, check out this link, which will take you to the BBC Newsround website, to find out more. https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/52277760

Lovely to see how hard you have been trying with your maths, Chizzy! Keep up the super work! 

Lots of creativity has gone into these activities! We particularly loved your outdoor art work; it's so effective! 

We would love to know what the boys have been teaching Dad here! Great to see everyone so involved and busy. And, of course, lovely to see you out in the sunshine on the farm! We bet the animals are very happy to have two extra helpers at the moment. 

This poster all about the Tundra is really interesting. We learned all about the temperature, animals and much more! We are pleased to see that your brains are being challenged with some puzzles- a great way to pass the time. 

Wow, what an intriguing model! Some lovely Easter crafts and you are making the most of the sunshine, too. Those buns look very tasty! Watch out GBBO! The children of Denby will be competing for the trophy very soon!  

It is so nice to get inspiration for creative activities! You have been so busy. We loved seeing your spring crafts, baking and beautiful rainbows. What colourful cakes, too! 

We were very impressed with the amount of energy shown here! It looks as if some might have been burned off during this home PE session which we are sure Mum and Dad will have been very pleased about! We loved seeing so much reading going on and hope that the teddies and the family enjoyed the stories!

It is lovely to see you all so busy with such a variety of activities! We love this poster all about Black Widow Spiders! Another example of the multitude of talents and interests the children of Denby have. 

Preparations for a puppet show were well under way here! All hands were on deck to produce this fantastic puppet theatre. See below for the show itself! 

Greenhills First Federation Theatre presents: The Three Little Pigs! 

Reading, rainbows and resourceful model-making are the order of the day here! What a beautiful window display! Ten Little Dinosaurs looks a great book, too and we love your models. They look very professional indeed! 

A big well done to Olivia, who had her poem and drawing published by the community hub group on Facebook. We are sure that you will have cheered up many people, Olivia! Great job. 

What eye-catching posters! They are very informative, too. And what a great idea to use natural materials to create your rainbow. Good to see some PE going on - Joe Wicks is going to have some sporting competition from Denby children very soon by the looks of things! 

Great team work on display here with some super construction skills too! Then on to some (hopefully peaceful!) arts and crafts later in the day. Lovely to read your diary entries too. Keep up the great work you three! 

What a lovely idea to decorate windows to cheer up passers-by. Well done, girls! Your positive messages and beautiful drawings will definitely brighten people's day! 

It looks as though we have a chef in the making! What a good idea to help out with the cooking at home. This recipe for spaghetti bolognese sounds delicious! Lovely to read your book review too - maybe you will have inspired others to read the book as well.